1. Dear You
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Written, MIxed, and Mastered by Wes Lee The Wordsmith
Produced by DJ N.Harmonix


Are a lone rose in the desert
You've withstood the most sweltering of days and the most frigid nights

Are Muhammad Ali
You're in the bed before it gets dark after you cut off the lights
Now that's fast

Are a child of God
I don't say that to say you're the holiest
But I've seen you turn something into something else
Which is indicative of your holiness
Jesus turned water into wine
And you'd turn a house into a home if given ample time
You'd turn an idea into reality if given the right mind
We all have a devil on our shoulders but you remind me to always fight mine
Now that's power

Aren't perfect
And you don't appear to be on the surface
But your constant pursuit of an unattainable perfection
Is what makes my idolization of you worth it
You remind me that a dime can change someone's life
Whenever I'm feeling worthless

Sincerely yours
Wes Lee The Wordsmith
Feeling like a God when I got you by my side
Only limitation distractions inside of my mind
On the inside you reside
Yo beauty a reminder

Soul cozy
Remind me of reclina's

Spirit heavy
Heavens can't decline ya

Full of life
Remind me of vagina

One with peace
Remind me of Sakinah

No goodbyes
Only Dos vidanya

Until next time
I bid you adieu
See you again
Cause I am you
To keep it transparent
Ima see it through
Yeah that means there's two
That means I own it
But it's their's too

Protect the kingdom
And it's heirs too
It's gates to the heaven's
Bet it's stairs too
Always had these feelings
Never cared too

All that's left is you
All that's left is you
All that's left is you
All that's left is you
All that's left is you
All that's left is you
All that's left is you
All that's left is
All that's left is
All that's left is