JRU Isaiah

Recording and Performing Artist

JRU Isaiah, a versatile R&B and hip-hop artist, as well as a gifted dancer, is driven by a lifelong exposure to musical influences. With a passion for evoking deep emotions through his art, he seamlessly combines his talents to create captivating music and performances that resonate with his audiences.


Recording Artist/Visual Editor

NoStress, a rap artist and skilled visual editor, has a unique background rooted in the world of band. With a foundation in music, he has seamlessly transitioned into the multi-media space, where he seeks to bridge the gap between his musical roots and visual creativity. He is currently enhancing his knowledge of sync licensing. 


Recording Artist/ Creative Branding

ïnnü, multi-genre artist hailing from Brooklyn, New York, masterfully blends the groovy sounds of neo-soul, funk, and R&B into his music. With a background in fashion, he effortlessly infuses style into his tunes and excels at building a unique brand that sets him apart in the music scene.

Logan Nicole

Social Media Specialist


Photography and Visuals Specialist