I picked the rap name NoStress because of the feeling I got from expressing how I felt through my music.” - NoStress

Voyage ATL (December 18, 2019)

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Visual Artist-Writer-Lyrical Performer

NoStress has always been around music.  To this day, his grandma tells him she remembers walking in on his him and grandfather listening to jazz when he was a baby. 

NoStress attended a private school in Decatur, Georgia where he started playing the trumpet and baritone.  He played in the concert band in middle school, high school, and briefly in college.  He also took piano lessons for three years.  He fell in love with hip-hop music from a young age.  He grew up in a Christian household, so hip-hop/rap music wasn’t really accepted.

Growing up, he would sneak and listen to artists like Ludacris, T-Pain, TI, Lil Wayne and so many others. While in high school, he was the kid who made beats on the desks in class while my classmates were rapping.  He wanted to get into producing but didn’t know anyone close to him who was into that.  So the idea of making music professionally was more or less a dream.

During the summer of 2015, he got done with my second year of college at Savannah State University (HBCU in Georgia).  When he got home, he and his dad had a conversation about his future.  After that conversation, he realized he didn’t know what he was going to do for the rest of my life.  He started listening to some beats and thought to himself, "I could try writing a song."  At the time, he thought the song was pretty good so he just kept writing to sharpen my writing skills.

Born Lawrence Moore Jr, he picked the rap name NoStress because of the feeling he got from expressing how he felt through his music.  Before heading back to school, he started researching how recording studios were built and bought his own equipment.  He had the studio set up in his dorm room closet.  He spent the next three years of engineering for himself and other artists on campus.

During that time, NoStress met another artist named Duke LaRon (now known as DJ N.Harmonix) at a hip-hop cipher audition.  They started making music together.  Duke told NoStress that he should look into joining Ways of Real Discovery (W.O.R.D.) to work on performing (W.O.R.D. is a spoken word organization for students on the campus of SSU).  Later that year, they formed a rap duo called FROST GANG. They did a number of performances around campus and gained a following. Before NoStress graduated in December of 2017, they made plans to drop a joint mixtape called "Rouge Sound Ninja".  The project was released in January 2018.  A month later, he released his first solo project, "Shot in the Dark".

Aside from being an independent hip-hop artist, NoStress began work as a freelance videographer/photographer under NoStress Zone Productions.  In 2017, he graduated from Savannah State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications, which included a concentration in audio/video.  That’s where he found a love for visual storytelling/art.

NoStress doesn’t like limiting himself to any one area of talent.  He likes being well-rounded in every area possible.  He has done sports highlights, music videos, event reviews, a few commercials, and more.  What sets him apart is his attention to detail with any project he's a part of.

Right now, NoStress is in the process of putting together his second project, TRUST the Process (no pun intended). It’s going to be his first self-engineered project but it definitely won’t be the last.  He also recently joined the Bonzeye Pros Collective (Summer 2022) to add his gifts the other SSU alumn in exchange for their encouraging support and guidance.  Stay tuned for the magic to come.

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Press #1: Voyage ATL (December 18, 2019) -

 "I’ve had somewhat of a smooth road up until recently. I was in the middle of putting together my second mixtape and within two months both my hard drive, with three years of music and other media projects on it, and laptop crashed. On top of that, I had projects that I was working on for clients that I could never give them because everything was erased. Thank God my clients were very understanding but it was still heartbreaking to lose all that work."